Mission Marsgo! Finally, Humans to Be Moved in the Year 2030 to New Planet Mars.

The word Home means a lot to everyone, the place where we spend most of our time in our everyday activities. Many of us have an emotional bonding with our house, our town, our city, our nation etc. We often associate ourselves with these tags, most of us have experienced mixed emotions of joy and sorrow when moving from our home town to a new town or a city. But we all are humans and linked to one planet Earth.

We all are comfortable on our planet earth, it is our comfort zone no matter where we keep wandering on this planet. The mere thought of another planet sounds scary, the uncharted territory with no signs of humans in the past is enough for us to be uncomfortable. The wildest dream for anyone is to wake up on a planet never seen before with no trace of humans, a mild heart attack isn’t it?

Are you ready to experience these mild heart attacks? if so, it’s time to fasten your seat belts and enjoy the new ride to your new home planet MARS. Yes, you read it right, The Government of India is all set to launch the ambitious program “Mission Marsgo” in the year 2030 with the collaboration of the USA, Russia, Japan and China. Countdown begins as we have nine more years left for this dramatic mega event and probably the beginning of one final show on earth. Few hundreds of years ago mars was just a planet for research, but today we have discovered the life-supporting elements and the invention of oxygen capsules(Each capsule has oxygen sufficient for 7days)that will help us to breathe in mars for days is the game-changer.

Our Planet Earth is degrading at a rapid pace and will not be suitable for the habitat in the next 25 years, so the government has started issuing tokens on a high priority basis and the nationwide VIP and VVIP list is being created that will be available on www.Marsgo.com and first set of humans shall fly in a space shuttle for the ultimate ride from earth to mars. The next list is for the common man where they can book online with fast fingers as limited slots are added every day. This is the longest waiting period in history for any kind of reservation.

The Transition from Earth to Mars is a challenging task ahead, but the United Nations has assured the smooth transition and it will help the member nations to execute the process efficiently. The World Bank and IMF have assured to lend the loan to member nations in covering the travel expenses of its citizens. We have our final nine years on this planet before we make a move to our new home and to make the best use of it several travel companies are offering global travel at a huge bargain price.

But how is the new setup on Mars? What do the early workers who are being deployed on Mars say? Let's have a look at their statements reported from the Red Planet.

J.K Rowling said, “we have been working tirelessly 14 hours per day in setting up the life support system for our fellow humans and glad that we are assisted by flying people, who are the indigenous people on Mars. They have inbuilt Translators so we can communicate without any issues”.

Mark Roy said, “ we have been treated with respect by the flying people and hospitality received is of the highest level.” They have also promised to attach wings to us in exchange for Mangoes.

So finally Dream come True for all the people of the world to move into a safer planet and chance for nature to self-heal as it will be a lonely place without the noise of humans. The animal kingdom will enjoy dominance until the earth lasts.

P.S.: This is a work of Fiction. Names, characters, organisations, events and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.



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